Vuka Afrika

"Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters."|Until Africans tell their own stories, distorted narratives about the African people both in the motherland and those in the disapora will continue to dominate the mainstream masquerading as the official narrative.

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Battle for the soul of the Economic Freedom Fighters: Class first or race first?

“The fatal defect with class purists of South African Communist Party background is that they have never understood the race question. This is partly due to the racist history of the SACP itself, dating back to when it was formed and named the Communist Party of South Africa.”

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Who is black?

“Rosa Clemente tackles the $64,000 question about race, who exactly qualifies to be called black, who dictates the criteria and terms….does geography and political classification play any role at all?…”

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You are black first, ‘potential’ second before you are even considered talent

One of the biggest excuses that corporates use today to resist the advancement of Black professionals is the excuse that there isn’t enough talent in the system, and that it would be unfair to promote someone for the sake of ‘quotas’ but that people need to get ‘there’ on merit.
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If Goliath Should Boast

“Black man write your own narrative, or forever contend with half truths about your own history. It cannot be that yours remains a borrowed narrative, a rented history of sorts. Wake up with pen in hand, let it be know that you are not an accident of nature.” #FromKhayaWithLove  

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